I have been through Parker many times

I have been through Parker many times. A quaint little town set back in the middle of nowhere. How well I know the areas. I used to live in Needles, California. So close to Arizona, people often mistook us for actually being in Arizona. Soon, I moved into the bowels of Arizona itself. Bullhead City; “two miles from water, two feet from hell.” Where temperatures rose to 130 degrees in the summertime and rain was just a dream…and yet how blessed we all are to live in such a culture rich environment.

The small city meant more interaction between the people living amongst us. To live in the midst of such an array of Native American tribes; soaking up their stories and traditions, basking in their culture. The things I learned weren’t always as useful as knowing how to change a car tire. However, they were just as important. They were the stories we used to augment our imagination. They were the tools that helped us grow into the person we would become. They were the foundations we built character on. Whether it was the farm at Wakimoto’s, Grape Vine Canyon, or grinding corn on the matata, each lesson was a life lesson; each moment meant the world. Our traditions may mold who we are but our ambition shapes who we will become.