I am a resident of the Grand Canyon State of Arizona

I am a resident of the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. The first fifteen years of my life, I lived in Mexico, along the border with Arizona, and visited it so many times that I wanted to move to San Luis, AZ. Then, my parents decided to come over here to live, so now this is my third year living in Arizona, and I love it. I really enjoy living in Arizona because it is unique. It has so many things that distinguish it from other places, and this makes San Luis a really nice place to live. First, Arizona has such nice weather. Second, there are huge numbers of agricultural activities. In addition, as for the third reason, one can find numerous recreational activities throughout the area. Although a person may think that Arizona is just desert, that is one aspect that makes it so special and interesting.

If there is something that I like the most about Arizona, it is its climate. I like the fact that the air is generally dry and clear, with low humidity, and has a high percentage of sunshine that makes the days radiant. Arizona is considered one of the hottest states in this country. Its temperatures are over 125 degrees in the summer, and it has been observed during the winter with a daytime average of 70-degrees. One does not have to be afraid of the heat in Arizona. After living here for a long time, an individual can get so familiar with it, that he or she does not feel it. In addition, there are large numbers of people that come to Arizona in the wintertime to feel the warm air in their faces. This type of weather can make people love it. One characteristic about Arizona is that the rain is limited, but what Arizona has for sure are high winds accompanying heavy thunderstorms during July and August. Seriously, I would never change the desert for a beach. I am so much more comfortable living here, that I would not like to move to any big city.

Another advantage of living in Arizona is the huge number of agricultural activities that can be found. It moreover gives an opportunity to work for many people. Irrigated crops in the desert valley areas are important to the economy of the state. Personally, I love to live in a place where the harvest is constant because my parents are farm workers and their lives are in those fields. My father has worked in the field around 30 years, and I would never ask my dad to leave Arizona, because I know it is a nice place for me to study and an excellent place for him to work. The land of Arizona produces infinity of fruits and vegetables, and a nationwide distribution of them. I could really say that Arizona is my home and my life, because although I have been living here for only three years, my father has always worked here. The money that he has made in Arizona because of his effort has helped me to eat, to dress, and to pay for my education. For a great number of people not only in Arizona, but also for those that live on the border with Mexico, fieldwork is the only way to survive and to give their families a better future. I am completely confident about what I am saying because I have worked in the fields as a citrus picker, and I understand the situation of all those people. I actually enjoy the time I have worked in the fields even though it is a difficult job; the people are so humble that one can have a good time working with them. Furthermore, agriculture has given Arizona a beautiful landscape.

Besides climate and agricultural there is also something else that makes Arizona a great place: the recreational facilities. There are numerous National Monuments and recreational facilities throughout Arizona. For example, the Grand Canyon is a very popular attraction throughout the entire year. In addition, one can find a lot of museums and recreational parks in Arizona. Moreover, a person can appreciate the great diversity of vegetation in our desert. Many things about the desert are amazing and impressive. Fishing is another activity that characterizes Arizona. It is practiced throughout the year in the mountain streams and in numerous reservoirs, as well as in the Colorado River.

I love Arizona, and would never change my home. Honestly, I do not like the beaches, and am happy living in a place where rain does not occur too often. In addition, I am living in a place where I know my parents have an assured job and there is a great school for me, as well. Arizona has many places to go to have fun at the same time that I am learning. I am living in a safe place, and the people here are very kind. Arizona is my home and although I have a short time living here, I feel like I have lived my entire life. I can proudly say that I am an Arizona resident, and do not know if I will be living here the rest of my life, but I can state that it will be with me forever.